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EST. 2010

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Two blokes + One garage x the desire to plan and execute amazing marketing campaigns = the beginnings of Sunny Advertising.

Previously known as Q Advertising and starting out in 2010, a growth mindset by MD Roger Delaney saw the traditional media agency start QAPR in 2012, add an Auto specific media business in 2013, purchase a creative and media agency in Cairns in 2015, and in 2018 chase down former agency executive Matt Travers in New Zealand to come home and partner in our newest venture Sunny Digital, which grew from 1 to 14 digital media specialists in just its first few years.

2 blokes had become 25 people by the time 2023 rolled around, and we extended our offering with the merge of QAPR and The Organised Creative to bolster our PR & Communications offering as Sunny Comms.

Despite all being in the same office and working on the same clients, there were still multiple Sunny brands, with the internal and external complications that come with that, which lead to the decision In December 2023 to merge the businesses into the entity now known simply as Sunny Advertising.

Despite the journey of brands, something that has always underpinned everything is we genuinely care when it comes to our people, partners, clients and ultimately the work that we do for them.

We don't work with everyone - only brands we truly believe we can help achieve their goals.

We're proudly independently Australian owned and aim to prove that boutique is better, in every sense of the word.

We're the nerds you want running your campaigns.

We're the ones who fix your problems before they become problems.

We're the ones who go the extra distance because we know that your results, are our results.

We're your media performance partners.

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Our team

who you get.

No middle-men account managers that forward your emails back and forth. The people you talk to are the ones doing the work. All of our directors and partners have skin in the game and are invested in seeing your campaigns be the best they can be.

Roger DelaneyRoger Delaney
Roger Delaney
Managing Director
Sarah McNeilSarah McNeil
Sarah McNeil
Matt TraversMatt Travers
Matt Travers
Peppi BuetiPeppi Bueti
Peppi Bueti
Director - Comms
Lizzie HeneberyLizzie Henebery
Lizzie Henebery
Director - Comms
Trevor LarkinsTrevor Larkins
Trevor Larkins
Executive Partner
Jess VickJess Vick
Jess Vick
Group Account Director
Paige NetherwoodPaige Netherwood
Paige Netherwood
Account Director
Mallory CassidyMallory Cassidy
Mallory Cassidy
Account Director
Olivia OsborneOlivia Osborne
Olivia Osborne
Account Director
Ashley MendezAshley Mendez
Ashley Mendez
Digital Media Specialist
Kiani MilsomKiani Milsom
Kiani Milsom
PR & Relationships Manager
Ashlee TaylorAshlee Taylor
Ashlee Taylor
Traditional Media Specialist
Yasmine DelaneyYasmine Delaney
Yasmine Delaney
Digital Media Specialist
Tarah McShaeTarah McShae
Tarah McShae
Media Strategist
Holly DymockHolly Dymock
Holly Dymock
Digital Media Specialist
Vinny WhittingtonVinny Whittington
Vinny Whittington
Digital Media Specialist
Nicole MooreNicole Moore
Nicole Moore
Traditional Media Specialist
Reza PutraReza Putra
Reza Putra
Tagging & Analytics
Maddie KeenMaddie Keen
Maddie Keen
Media Strategist
Jade KettlewellJade Kettlewell
Jade Kettlewell
Social Media & Marketing Coordinator
Dale HickeyDale Hickey
Dale Hickey
Digital Media Specialist
Linda PowellLinda Powell
Linda Powell
Digital Media Specialist
Sharon LarkinsSharon Larkins
Sharon Larkins
Isla MacDonaldIsla MacDonald
Isla MacDonald
Digital Media Specialist
Sarah AllenSarah Allen
Sarah Allen
Ella RuppElla Rupp
Ella Rupp
Traditional Media Specialist

We're hiring!

Our team is growing fast and we’re always looking for smart and fun people to become a part of our crew!

Send your expressions of interest to

community involvement.

Used by growing brands across APAC.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to help businesses grow.

We can run awareness campaigns, post to your IG page or clean up your ecommerce feed, however, we will always question what the quantifiable metric is leading to your business growth.

We healthily challenge our clients and ensure "growth" and the outcome of the activities we recommend for you are going to be reflected on the PNL, not just in advertising metrics or a growth in revenue or leads.

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Our values.



We give a shit. Simple as that. About our:

People (professionally and personally).
Clients (results, brand, business health, personally).
Results (we treat every dollar invested as if it were our own).
Service (we want you to feel looked after, without asking).

Ultimately, we care about delivering great work, on time.



We always question and challenge things. Always. Great results? Why? Poor results? Why?

We're never satisfied with data or results without understanding the causation so we can learn from it. We're curious about our clients businesses - we need to be to ensure we understand the best path forward with media and comms!



We aim to build a high level of trust with our clients, underpinned by respect. We understand we're helping from an agency angle and it is your business. Whilst we're always going to challenge things if we see potential in doing so, we respect our clients decisions.



We ask for honesty, openness and transparency from all stakeholders (clients, media, partners and colleagues) and provide the same in return. We do what we say we're going to do and treat all stakeholders how we would like to be treated.



We're responsible and accountable for everything that we do and deliver.



We're loyal to our people, clients and partners. Relationships are at the core of our entire business and we would rather prioritise long term than a short term gain at the cost of loyalty.