Auswide Bank Case Study - Digital and Traditional Agency Sunshine Coast and Brisbane

Cutting through A Saturated Market

In a market flooded with competition and historical dominance from major players, we were very analytical with the battles we chose to fight. Campaign consolidation allowed an additional 300% budget increase for specific products without increased total spending. In a market with volatile CPMs controlling spending allowed for domination in the auction allowing for a 184% increase in impressions and a 35% increase in conversions.

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Brand development
Programmatic Display
Stakeholder engagement

The David v Goliath of Google Ads

Sunny Advertising played a pivotal role in elevating market presence within a competitive landscape characterised by high CPMs. By increasing campaign efficiency metrics by 50% and optimising a consolidated campaign structure, impressions serged by 184% and ROI grew by 58%.




Top of Google Results (highest among all competitors)

Real time rates, real time ad copy

In an industry where .04% can mean hundred of thousands of dollars in terms of borrowing interest rates, we needed a solution to enable the client to quickly reflect this in ad copy. We created a connected platform and empowered the client to instantly reflect interest rate changes on ad channels to avoid promoting the wrong thing.

Exceptional results and a fabulous team providing great service. I've had the pleasure of working with Sunny for a number of years and would recommend them to any business looking to amplify their online presence and drive meaningful results. Thank you to Matt, Maddie and the entire Sunny team.

Nerida P

Marketing Director - Pexa

The Sunny Advertising team have taken our marketing activity to the next level. Providing outstanding results across our social and search platforms, on the back of expert industry knowledge, a willingness to understand the local market in detail, and the flexibility of working in a challenging environment. The team are responsive, supportive, and go the extra mile  to achieve our goals. For anyone looking to get the most our of their digital marketing capabilities, I highly recommend getting in touch with Sunny Advertising.

Seth M

Marketing Manager - SkyCity

I have had the pleasure of working with the team at Sunny Advertising across the past year and I must say they exceeded all expectations. They are always quick to respond and are capable of handling queries of any nature. Kudos to the entire team, especially Paige and Liv, for their remarkable work.

Eden M

Marketing Manager - Jetts Fitness

I had the pleasure of working closely with the Sunny team for several years while they ran our paid media channels. I cannot fault their professionalism and enthusiasm for finding ways to successfully market our brand. The team went above and beyond at all times to help with our account. I would work with them again without hesitation. Thank you Sunny for the amazing journey over the past few years!

Claire M

Marketing Manager - City Venue Management

Sunny has been a breath of fresh air. A+ for customer service and professionalism. The team are great to work with and are passionate about delivering top quality results. Highly recommend.

James L

CMO - GJ Gardner Homes

The Sunny Advertising team have helped Spitwater with advertising over a long period of time, we have enjoyed ongoing successful advertising campaigns that have maximized our investment, we regard Sunny Advertising as an important part of our business

Gary R

CEO - Spitwater

Sunny Advertising looks after our advertising and the team have shown that they are passionate about our charity, going above and beyond to help with not just our advertising but offering support and advice on various aspects of communications. I value the relationship we have formed and look forward to working with Sunny Advertising for many years to come.

Alan B

Director - Mercy Ships

The team at Sunny Advertising are a delight to work with. Always reachable, super knowledgable with quick response times. They go above and beyond to deliver results for our accounts with so much enthusiasm. Definitely recommend!

Jess M

Marketing Manager - Gold's Gym

Yamaha Motors Australia has been working with Roger and the team at Sunny Media for around seven years now on all of our national retail campaigns, as well as launches and branding. Over this time, they have used their extensive media knowledge and purchasing abilities to reach the maximum possible audience across a range of mediums for the best results. Sunny Media's strategy and research into media, consumers and habits continue to be of the highest order and more importantly help us achieve industry leading outcomes.



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