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January 18, 2024
July 2, 2020

Ok, so Postcode Polygons isn’t actually the name of the website or tool (the official name is FreeMapTools) but it may as well be.

Occasionally due to certain campaign/client requirements, we need to get suuuper specific with the geography of our campaigns (although if you’re a marketer surely at some stage you’ve been chasing post code lists in one of a hundred scenarios). I’m not talking about a 20km radius of a city, I’m talking about achieving some super specific scenarios with confidence that there will be little wastage.

Do you want to geographically target a ring of people around a town? Sure. Do you want to target the shape of a giant pentagon? Got ya – FreeMapsTools allows you to do it much faster than it would take you to type in each location individually in FB Ads manager or drop a pin which could also encompass potentially irrelevant suburbs.

Enough typing, let me show you what I mean:

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There are a lot of different scenarios where the standard geo-targeting options within your ads platform will be perfectly sufficient. However scenarios where we have saved a tonne of time and been able to decrease CPA’s include:

  • Capturing a very long stretch of highway without the bordering suburbs. Getting ads in front of passengers for somewhere they are likely heading to/from.
  • Capturing a drive-distance market where we only want a ring of people 2-3 hours away from a certain destination.

When targeting by your standard radius type targeting, to get the same result you’d end up dropping more pins than a bowling alley. Facebook, for example, lets you drop nothing more than a radius of 1-80kms which is fine, but we don’t like ‘fine’ we like precision, and precision gets results.

Complex polygon geo targeting is an absolute time saver for those complex geo campaigns and FreeMapsTool gets ⅘ thumbs up in terms of time saving and spend efficiency.

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