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April 30, 2024
December 2, 2020

THE Marketers Paid Media

2024 is well under way. How are your marketing efforts going? Are you navigating the buzz terms and at the forefront of what is actually going to make a difference?

It's how to win, and how not to lose. It isn't how to optimise a search campaign. We look at what the CMO's and Marketing Directors and Managers need to know to get their teams and budgets firing on all cylinders, and stay ahead of the curve.

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We sat down and recorded us talking through it. We're not professional podcasters by any means. We're just expert media buyers with tonnes of experience who wanted to pull the curtain back on the bullsh*t. Slides are one thing, verbal context is another.

Every channel marks their own homework. Every sales rep has the "perfect solution" for you.

We highlight for you what we believe in, and don't. Whether you're our client or not you should know!

We MAKE MEDIA perform better.

There are no limits to the types of media we can buy, optimise and influence. TV through to Google Ads through to media releases and beyond. We're experts in paid and earned media.We partner with our clients to ensure their media is performing, and ultimately help them grow.

5 stars from 40+ reviews


We've grown, and continue to grow brands in the ecommerce and lead generation space by ensuring their media performs on and above target.

Exceptional results and a fabulous team providing great service. I've had the pleasure of working with Sunny for a number of years and would recommend them to any business looking to amplify their online presence and drive meaningful results. Thank you to Matt, Maddie and the entire Sunny team.

Nerida P

Marketing Director - Pexa

The Sunny Advertising team have taken our marketing activity to the next level. Providing outstanding results across our social and search platforms, on the back of expert industry knowledge, a willingness to understand the local market in detail, and the flexibility of working in a challenging environment. The team are responsive, supportive, and go the extra mile  to achieve our goals. For anyone looking to get the most our of their digital marketing capabilities, I highly recommend getting in touch with Sunny Advertising.

Seth M

Marketing Manager - SkyCity

I have had the pleasure of working with the team at Sunny Advertising across the past year and I must say they exceeded all expectations. They are always quick to respond and are capable of handling queries of any nature. Kudos to the entire team, especially Paige and Liv, for their remarkable work.

Eden M

Marketing Manager - Jetts Fitness

I had the pleasure of working closely with the Sunny team for several years while they ran our paid media channels. I cannot fault their professionalism and enthusiasm for finding ways to successfully market our brand. The team went above and beyond at all times to help with our account. I would work with them again without hesitation. Thank you Sunny for the amazing journey over the past few years!

Claire M

Marketing Manager - City Venue Management

Sunny has been a breath of fresh air. A+ for customer service and professionalism. The team are great to work with and are passionate about delivering top quality results. Highly recommend.

James L

CMO - GJ Gardner Homes

The Sunny Advertising team have helped Spitwater with advertising over a long period of time, we have enjoyed ongoing successful advertising campaigns that have maximized our investment, we regard Sunny Advertising as an important part of our business

Gary R

CEO - Spitwater

Sunny Advertising looks after our advertising and the team have shown that they are passionate about our charity, going above and beyond to help with not just our advertising but offering support and advice on various aspects of communications. I value the relationship we have formed and look forward to working with Sunny Advertising for many years to come.

Alan B

Director - Mercy Ships

The team at Sunny Advertising are a delight to work with. Always reachable, super knowledgable with quick response times. They go above and beyond to deliver results for our accounts with so much enthusiasm. Definitely recommend!

Jess M

Marketing Manager - Gold's Gym

Yamaha Motors Australia has been working with Roger and the team at Sunny Media for around seven years now on all of our national retail campaigns, as well as launches and branding. Over this time, they have used their extensive media knowledge and purchasing abilities to reach the maximum possible audience across a range of mediums for the best results. Sunny Media's strategy and research into media, consumers and habits continue to be of the highest order and more importantly help us achieve industry leading outcomes.



What's in the RECORDING?

Being an agnostic agency, we have no reason to preference certain channels or strategies. We believe that each business is different and their paid media formula needs to reflect this, to achieve success for them.

We break down how marketers are leveraging AI (and how you can too), developments in each channels advertising offering (and how you can capitilise), HUGE changes to the Australian Privact Act (which will 100% impact your paid media) and so much more.



What channels are winning and losing?

What are this years potholes to avoid?

What channels should you seriously consider investing in to acquire more customers?



What is social search?

Why do you need to be aware of it?

How are advertisers using AI? How can you?

How can you win with it?



What does this mean for my business?

How can I be ready?

Get the answers now

OUR CLIENT success stories.

40% higher revenue per day

oaks hotels

Across 6 key multi media campaigns, an ROI of between 20 - 60x (yes ROI, not ROAS) was achieved which was able to be tracked via integrating first party data with advertising results.

20:1 roi for lead gen

skycity auckland

Before Sunny Advertising was engaged, digital advertising investment was not tracked to a tangible ROI figure.

300% revenue increase

pirate camp co.

Sunny Advertising highlighted Pirate Camp Co's casual and personable appeal, setting them apart in the market and resulting in multi million dollar sales and an 8:1 ROI.

Why trust us?

You don't have to trust our opinion. But those clients that do end up making their PNL much more juicy. Your call.

25+ on shore marketing experts.

We dont have middle men. Who you deal with is on the tools.

Millions in ad spend managed, and returned.

We invested $20m last year on behalf of our clients. We returned $200m+ to them.

we care.

It's our number one value. Our directors come from a long line of agency management and roles. We know how important it is when you're handing over control of your ad ad investment that the people care the same amount you do. It's rare. It shouldn't be.

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Insights from our directors.

Matt Travers
Roger Delaney
Managing Director
Sarah McNeil
Peppi Bueti
Lizzie Heneberry
Sarah McNeil
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Frequently asked questions

What services does Sunny Advertising offer?

Sunny Advertising offers a wide range of advertising services, including digital marketing, traditional advertising, branding, graphic design, social media management and more. We can help you create and implement a comprehensive advertising strategy.

How can Sunny Advertising benefit my business?

Sunny Advertising can help your business increase brand visibility, attract new customers and improve your overall marketing efforts. Our services are designed to enhance your business's reach and impact in the market.

What industries does Sunny Advertising specialise in?

We have experience serving clients across various industries, including retail, franchising, healthcare, technology, hospitality and more. Our team of experts can adapt our strategies to fit your specific industry and business needs.

How do I get started with Sunny Advertising?

Getting started with us is easy. Simply reach out to our team through our website, phone, or email, and we'll schedule a consultation to discuss your advertising goals and create a customized plan for your business.

What is the typical timeline for a project with Sunny Advertising?

Project timelines vary depending on the scope and complexity of the work. We will provide you with a project timeline during our initial consultation, outlining all the key milestones and deadlines.

Is Sunny Advertising experienced in online advertising and social media marketing?

Yes, we have extensive experience in digital advertising and social media marketing. Our team is well-versed in running effective online campaigns on platforms like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and more. We're a certified Google Partner, Meta Partner, TikTok Partner, Pinterest Partner, Shopify Partner and more.

What sets Sunny Advertising apart from other advertising agencies?

We pride ourselves on our creativity, client-centric approach, and commitment to delivering results. Our team combines innovative strategies with a deep understanding of our clients' unique needs to create successful campaigns.

make your media perform better.

Download the marketers paid media playbook

When someone purchases via your website, every digital advertising channel that they have been exposed to (often in the last 30 days) will claim credit for driving you that sale.

This presents a visibility challenge for brands running multi channel combinations such as Facebook + Google Ads, as the revenue from that sale (human) saw both a Facebook and a Google ad on their path to buy is now being claimed to have been driven by Facebook and Google, which although true, results in two reported sales and double the revenue.

There are two common ways that people commonly report your digital advertising return and cost per sale.

The first is based on Google Analytics data.

Google analytics is tracking on your website that records behaviours and how the user came to land on your website.

PRO: This won’t double up reported revenue.

CON: It will only give credit to the channel that drove them to the website for the session they became a customer. So if they saw 100 Facebook ads, but then came back 2 weeks later through a Google ad, FB get’s no praise.

The second is based on ad channel data.

Ad channels tag users that see/click your ad and know if the same person ends up purchasing via your site.

PRO: We get a much fairer view on if someone who has become a customer for your business has been exposed to your digital advertising regardless of what channel drove them last. This is important as rarely will people see a single ad>click that ad>buy. They need multiple touch points to get to the point of transacting. The amount of touch points varies depending on the industry, but rarely is it 1.

CON: If your digital advertising channels compliment each other (as they should) and work together to drive a purchase, then they are both taking the credit.

I know what you’re thinking… just figure out which people saw/clicked both channels ads and which only saw/clicked one channel’s ads! Trust me, i’ve tried. Attribution is more of an art than a science, and whilst platforms do exist to try and crack the science part beyond a doubt, they aren’t without their own range of inaccuracy and a hefty investment (if you’re paying for it you’d want it to be 100% right?).

So how do we report to you the return from your paid digital advertising activity?

It sure isn’t by claiming your investment returned X amount of revenue via a method that has a major con (both of the aforementioned ways).

Our approach is pretty simple, but does require you to think a little differently.

Firstly, use each ad channel’s data to highlight all the revenue they think they are 100% responsible for. This might look like this:

  • $45k of revenue came from someone who saw/clicked a Facebook ad
  • $50k of revenue came from someone who saw/clicked a Google Search ad
  • $5k of revenue came from someone who saw/clicked a YouTube ad

Work out your de-duplicated worst case scenario of digital advertising return, which would be the biggest number out of all these channels. In this case it’s $50k. This would assume that the $45k and $5k leads from Facebook and YouTube ads are part of the $50k that Google Search is claiming – all channels working together.

Then, work out what your best case scenario is. This would be adding each ad channel together and assuming that each is reporting unique transactions. So you get 45k+50k+5k = $100k as the absolute best case incremental return from your investment.

This gives you $50k-$100k leads as your incremental success range. This means that there is $50k-$100k of revenue that we can without-a-doubt attribute to your campaigns.

In this scenario, you should raise the lower end of the range if your paid traffic revenue in Google Analytics is greater than $50k, as that is indisputable evidence that a portion of purchasers only came across one channel’s ads.


If ad channel data (prone to duplication) says….

  • $45k of revenue came from someone who saw/clicked a Facebook ad
  • $50k of revenue came from someone who saw/clicked a Google Search ad
  • $5k of revenue came from someone who saw/clicked a YouTube ad

But Google Analytics data (de-duplicated) says…

  • $20k of revenue came from someone who saw/clicked a Facebook ad
  • $40k of revenue came from someone who saw/clicked a Google Search ad
  • $2k of revenue came from someone who saw/clicked a YouTube ad

You should sum this revenue as it is already de-duplicated via Google Analytics, so the worst case actually becomes 20k+40k+2k = $62k.

So $62k-$100k right? That’s still a pretty big range?! Yeah you’re right. The reality is, everyone is influenced differently by advertising and some people will get touched by multiple channels and some will become a customer straight away after clicking just one ad. Some people might not even get targeted by all channels, and some by all of them.

So although it’s not perfect, it’s actually the most transparent way to report the return on your digital ads spend (for now! Rest assured we’ll let you know when a free & flawless way to do this becomes available). If you have to have a single number, go the median of your range.


Why not just use Google Analytics if it’s already de-duplicated?

  • You either report on de-duplicated leads by where they came from last (analytics) or you tag duplicated leads. The main issue with going the de-duplicated route is more often than not none of your advertising will be credited with a lead it drove.

For example, take this path to becoming a lead for your brand:

  • Never heard of your brand before
  • I see a FB ad, don’t click.
  • + 2 days
  • I see your YouTube ad.
  • +5 days
  • I decide to search about you and your competitors and click your Google Search Ad.
  • +1 day
  • I search your brand name and click your unpaid google listing and click to call you.

Guess what drove my phone call? All of your digital advertising.

Guess who claims it in Google Analytics? Google organic traffic.

What about the models available in Google Analytics that aren’t last click? Shouldn’t we just use them?

  • 90 day windows as a max which isn’t great for longer lead cycle businesses.
  • Doesn’t factor in a view or impression as the user has to click the ad for Google Analytics to fold it into modelling.
  • Whenever cookies are involved, you can bet this isn’t going to be accurate.
  • The only machine learning option requires 600 conversions every 30 days.
  • You really think Google is going to say that FB ads did a better job than theirs?

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