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April 30, 2024
September 20, 2022

Can you believe it is almost Q4? Absolute madness.

Q4 not only brings us warmer weather and (hopefully) some much-needed days off, but also the grand slam of the marketing calendar for most businesses.

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The fine line between gross sales and profitability should be analysed very carefully before blindly entering these sales periods with a discount, as for some brands the smart move (with a rise in CPMs and CPCs over this period) can be to actually pause your ads. A recent analysis we did showed up to a 60% increase in CPMs on Meta channels (eComm brands) from Q4 2020 to Q4 2021.

For other brands though, this period can represent more than 30% of annual sales!

We’ll soon be discussing with you via your account manager your businesses specific approach to these key dates in Q4 and our recommendations based on your specific data. Keep an eye out!



Whilst there are options to advertise on, most brands choose to piggy back on the “frenzy” tagline and run their own, D2C sales. Click Frenzy has seen deals such as $5 Nintendo Switches and $19 Macbooks in the past.



The Crème de la crème of the eCommerce sales calendar. There are two popular theories as to why it is called Black Friday. The first is it is the first time of the year many retailers actually make it in to ‘the black’ on their PNL. The other is a little more dark, with the name supposedly finding it’s place due to the aggressive nature of shoppers on this day as well as many retail staff calling in sick due to not wanting to deal with the crowds! Expect the biggest discounts you have seen all year.

Black Friday rolls in to Cyber Monday. It was originally created to encourage shoppers to shop online rather than going in-store. Oh how the turntables.



The last day of the year you can ‘guarantee’ your purchase will arrive to you before Xmas Day. Watch as eCommerce stores turn their messaging to focus on this!



The OG of sales. If you haven’t been to a boxing day sale at an Australian shopping centre and then decompressed with a coffee and Muffin Break treat while you revel in your new (probably unecessary) purchases, are you even Australian?

Expect boxing day sales to be more to the tune of boxing week, as retailers recalibrate their inventory position and try to move stock.


At this point we’re sounding like a broken record, but for good reason. At Sunny Digital, we recently put together our update on the world of digital ad tracking and why first party data collection is absolutely critical (one of our clients who implemented our 1PD recommendations has already seen an 11x return on that campaign alone!).

The more you can prioritise this with the lense of a longer term return, the better.

Please also communicate any planned sales, new creative/messaging or anything else happening with your business as early as possible. Combined with our proactive suggestions, routine optimisations and general thirst for a positive ROI, we’re looking forward to a profitable Q4 for you!

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