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April 30, 2024
July 2, 2020

Sunny Digital has officially been acquired by NASA – the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA plans on expanding Sunny Digital by opening a digital marketing agency on the Sun. Being the first ever business to operate on the 15 million degree celsius surface, many questions were raised in the 9AM EST press conference on April 1st.

NASA director of operations, Richard Bobby was quick to respond:

Just why?

“The sun is the centre of our galaxy. Digital marketing is the centre of any good lead generation strategy. We feel the two went hand in hand. Oh, and the name was very important in our decision, you can’t put a business on the Sun that doesn’t have Sunny in the name”.

Won’t people die?

“The people at Sunny Digital were crucial in our evaluation of the company and subsequent acquisition – we believe they are well equipped to handle the heat. I mean one of the directors even has red hair, surely this environment will be more suitable than earth”.

What clients will the new office service?

We’re not looking to service current clients out of the new location but rather future proof ourselves against galactic visitors to the Milky Way and their need for Digital advertising services. If aliens arrive from another universe and need to sell their products to Humans and other life forms we’re not yet aware of, we want to be ready with a central, well lit location to operate from” .

When will the Sun Office launch?

“We’re aiming for a 2025 launch. The next 5 years will be spent researching which part of the Sun to launch on as well as the logistics around real estate”.

The press conference concluded with many more questions being raised than answered. It is expected NASA will release more information about the expansion plans surrounding their latest acquisition.


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